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Cenflex HTP® Fencing

Sample of the Cenflex HTP® railNearly identical to the 5" Centaur HTP® Fencing, Cenflex HTP® Fencing has a one piece bracket, rather than Centaur's two piece bracket, and has a 20 year warranty instead of a 30 year warranty. This makes it a less expensive fence to install than Centaur HTP®, but with the same great patented components that Centaur HTP® has.

When installed, CenFlex HTP® looks identical to the 5" Centaur HTP® fence. If our customers do not need a 30 year warranty and have a more limited budget, we recommend this fence. Despite it being considered an "economical alternative", it outshines any competitor's style of fencing, is nearly as heavy-duty as the 5" Centaur HTP® fence and is a quality, durable fence you'll be proud to have at your home or estate.

3 rail white flexible rail fencing

This fence comes in black, brown or white and the posts can be stained to match the color of the fence.

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