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An Introduction to Centaur HTP® Fencing

By far our most recommended style of horse fencing, Centaur HTP® Fence Systems is a polymer, flexible rail fencing designed specifically for horses. There are several fence products made by this manufacturer, with the 5" Centaur HTP® fence rail being the most popular.

This style of fence flexes upon impact, is easy to maintain, has a manufacturer's limited warranty, and looks beautiful years down the road.

All of Centaur's products are:

5" Centaur HTP® Rail

5" Centaur HTP® RailOur most recommended horse fence with an outstanding, 30 year limited warranty, this fencing consists of three strands of high tensile wire completely encased in a 5" polymer rail. It looks almost identical to a rigid vinyl or board fence, from a distance. This style is- not electrified, but you can electrify the Hot-Rail HTP®

5" Electrified Hot-Rail HTP®

Hot Rail HTP® can be electrified.The electrified version of Centaur HTP®, this 5" rail is hot at the top of the rail and helps to keep horses off of the fence.



5" Cen-Flex HTP® Rail

5" CenFlex HTP® RailA more economical choice with a 20 year limited warranty, it's very similar to Centaur HTP®, and is non-electrified.


Poly-Plus HTP®

PolyPlus HTP®Polymer coated high tensile wire consists of one strand of 12 1/2 gauge wire completely encased in polymer. It is exactly the same materials as the Centaur HTP® fencing, except that it is only one strand, versus a 5" rail. The polymer helps protect horses from injury and the dangers of high tensile wire fencing..

White Lightning®

White Lightning HTP®Available in brown, black and white, this is the electrified version of Poly-Plus HTP®.