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Hot Rail HTP®

5" Hot Rail HTP® Fence5" Hot Rail HTP® is identical to the 5" Centaur HTP® Flexible Rail Fencing, except that conductive polymer runs on the top of the rail, allowing it to be electrified. This eliminates the need to run a separate strand of electric fence at the top of the rails, if needed. Most of our customers wanting an electrified fence will request one top rail of Hot Rail HTP® and the remaining rails as Centaur HTP®.


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Hot Rail HTP® Q & A

How is Hot Rail HTP® designed?

The 5" rail is composed of three 12 1/2 gauge high tensile wires that are completely encased in Polymer. This continuous rail is designed to flex upon impact, making it significantly safer for horses than most other styles of fence. The wires are bonded to the Polymer, so they cannot pop out upon impact and injure a horse (unlike other generic brands.)

A patented "belt loop" bracketing system allows rails to slip through the bracket, dispersing impact. Special HTP® polymer brackets have a steel core that adds strength and durability. Unlike other generic brands, Hot Rail HTP's® brackets are Polymer coated, which are safer for horses and protect the rail from pinching and tearing. These brackets are virtually indestructible.

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Why Hot Rail HTP®?

(For detailed information on why we recommend Centaur HTP® products click here.)

Long before it's time to replace a board fence, horses can do tons of damage to boards by chewing, cribbing, and rubbing against the fence.  Hot Rail HTP® fencing can withstand the strain horses put on a fence over time. 

HotRail HTP® has a 30-year limited warranty when installed according to manufacturer's specifications.  Oak board fencing may last around 12 - 15 years, but can be dangerous if it splinters, warps, or the boards pop off the fence. 

Visit the Hot Rail HTP® web site at for more information.

Beware of look-alike brands

Hot Rail HTP® has a 30 year warranty. It has installations over 20 years old; this gives it a proven track record of performance over the long haul. The manufacturer has put extensive testing and research into their products, to guarantee their performance and customer satisfaction.

Some generic brands stamp a 30 year warranty on their products, but have had little time out on the field to prove it. We have seen generic brands that have cracked and not held up over time.

Hot Rail HTP® polymer is mechanically bonded to the wire. Since that feature is patented, other generic brands use a glue to bond the wire to the rail. This is extremely important to note because Hot Rail HTP®'s mechanical bonding prevents the wires in the rail from breaking free from the polymer and "popping out" of the fence upon impact. Due to time and fluctuations in temperatures, the wire in other brands can break free from the material, making it very dangerous.

How strong is Centaur HTP®?

Hot Rail HTP® is one of the highest quality 5" rails on the market. It has a minimum breaking strength of 4050 lbs. per rail and weighs 171 lbs. per 660 ft. roll. We have seen photos of automobiles rolling and hitting the fence, without breaking the rails.

Visit the Hot Rail HTP® web site at for more information.

How expensive is it?

Although costs can vary according to the project's specifications, most Hot Rail HTP® fence installations cost between $2 and $4 more per linear foot than board fencing. However, board fence has a lifetime expectancy of around 15 years or less, while Centaur HTP® has a 30 year limited warranty. In the long run, Hot Rail HTP® will almost always cost less than board fencing. Vinyl PVC fencing is almost always more expensive than Hot Rail HTP®, and not as safe for horses.

What does it look like? Hot Rail HTP® looks similar to a painted board fence or rigid vinyl fencing, except that it is much safer and designed specifically for horses.

Why have Ranck's Quality Fencing install it?

Because Hot Rail HTP® is concerned that the fence is installed correctly, in order to receive the warranty on this product the installation must be completed according to their specifications; photos of the installation process must also be taken through the installation. We take great care to install the fence according to CentaurHTP®'s specifications and are factory trained installers. The strength and beauty of this fence depend on proper installation.