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Safe Fence Electric Tape Fencing for Horses

4 strands white safefence

Safe fence electric tape is an economical, attractive alternative to other dangerous fences, such as high tensile wire, and was specifically designed for horses. 

The breaking strength of this fence per strand is 750 lbs.  Nonetheless, we do not recommend this style of fence close to a busy highway, because of the possibility of a horse running through it. 

Safe fence is especially well-suited when used in combination with another style of fence, such as 4 strands of safe-fence and one top rail of Centaur HTP®, providing a strong barrier fence at an economical price.


Easy to install

Most home-owners can quickly install this fence with a minimal of tools and experience.

Low maintenance

This fence is easy to splice if it breaks and can quickly be re-stretched.

Highly visible to horses 

Electric fence systems have long been known to provide good psychological barriers for horses.